Saturday, 13 July 2013

More Mabuhay Magic!

Getting ready for our Leipzig game in October, to coincide with the 200th Anniversary of 'The Battle of the Nations', I decided I needed to beef up my Austrian Collection...

Who better to turn to than my mate Fons, of the Mabuhay Miniature Painting Service, to
provide some quality reinforcements in a timely fashion without punishing the wallet too much!
Followers of my blog will know that I am very impressed with Fons' outfits' service, suffice it to repeat that Fons is an adherent of the 'under promise, over deliver' school of customer service! In short, highly recommended! 

Since I like my Kaiser-Konigliche Line Regiments to be 48 figures strong, I ordered 2 x 24-man units from Fons' new on-line ordering system, and explained that these were for one Regiment, so I only needed one Colour Bearer.
The regiment I ordered was IR No. 23. In common with most Austro-Hungarian Regiments, it changed names several times during the Napoleonic Wars, but for most of the period was entitled 'Kurfurst', or 'Grosserzerhog'; 'von Wurzburg'.
The Regiment was recruited from Western Galicia, and served with distinction in the major battles of the period, including Marengo, Austerlitz and Wagram. It was disbanded after the 1809 campaign, and embodied again in 1814.

Its facing colour was  Ponceaurot or Rouge clair, which it shared with IR's 8,37 & 39.

Needless to say I was very impressed with the painting of these, and my photography fails to do justice to the painter's skill with these fine new additions to my Kaiserlichs!

'You! Yes YOU! Double away to Fons' web page and check out the 28mm goodness'


  1. Very nice Austrians. Hes done a great job.


  2. I'm a big fan of Fon's work with MMPS - I've bought aome almost 500 figs from him and have been very pleased.

  3. VERY impressive, love these wonderful lines!! Great work...and fantastic first picture!

  4. A nice unit Mr Sparkles. At 48 figures it should give those damned Frenchies a thing or two to think about!

    It's a bit antique for Leipzig 1813 but will add some charm to the proceedings!!* 8O)

    von Peter himself

    * The devil made me type this! There is to be a refight of a portion of Leipzig over here and I understand that there will a plenty of helmeted Austrian infantry amongst the fray. No good reason not to really.

  5. Thanks all, although I can hardly take credit for the painting!

    Yes I don't think anyone can keep two sets of Austrian armies, one in helmet and one in Shako. Personally I think its more likely that a Helmet would have lasted throughout the wars in a unit, rather than a Shako be issued ahead of time, so its the safer bet!

  6. Very cool Blog mate, link added :)

  7. Very nice figures. By the sounds of it you're probably sorted for troops but I can supply a few more Austrians/Hungarians if needed for Leipzig.

    Cheers, Caesar