Sunday, 11 August 2013

Gardes d' Honneur

Another parcel of Mabuhay 28mm painted goodness was waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday...Way to start the weekend!

Needless to say the service from Fon's outfit was second to none as usual, and on his advice I opted to forgo the option of having the little used Eagle bearer for this Regiment. Normally I do go for such fripperies; most notably with my British Heavy Cav, who never took their guidons to battle; since I like the look of them and they are my toys! However on this occasion I didn't like to go down in Fons the purist's estimation. And now having seen the attention to detail I'm glad I did.

These figures represent the 1st Regiment of the Gardes d' Honneur, a crafty device by Napoleon to replenish his dwindling, post 1812, stocks of Cavalry by appealing to the Bourgeoisie to send their sons into crack Guards Cavalry Regiments by paying for the priviledge!

However with the Napoleonic eye for detail, he ensured that they had a cadre of experienced and tough veterans to quickly whip them into shape. Just as well, as this 1st Regment first drew their swords, operating together as a Regiment rather than a series of drafts, at the Battle of Leipzig. Quite a baptism! Actually, since my next Naps game will probably be our forthcoming Leipzig 200 Megagame, it may be the same story for these plastic warriors!

Now before all the rivet counters comment that their cords and flounders are around the wrong way for a Guards unit, well, these are an adaption of the Perry's French Hussar figures.

But are they wrong?

All I know is, I am thrilled with them, and anyway, in any pre 1813 scenario, they will be doing substitute duty for a line Hussar or Chasseur Regiment in any case!

So if you would like to get your mitts on such fine fellows, check out Fon's website:


  1. A late midwinter Christmas present?

    Congratulations ... but without wanting to unfurl my colours too early ... may the expire messily and completely at Leipzig! 8O))

    von Peter himself

    1. Well yes of course - preferably at the hands of the Brandenburg Landwehr Uhlans I am currently painting...

  2. The painting style is beautiful, and the pictures in the sun excellent!!

  3. Nice figures. Now investigating Mabuhay - had not heard of them before seeing these gardes.

  4. Stunning looking figures Sparker!

  5. Beautiful looking regiment. It will be great to see them take the field.

  6. Nice figures and great add to the collection,

    What was the turnaround time like? I charge similar prices but not on commission work, just selling units on Brian and buys.... Have stuck to ancient metals so far as I didn't think plastics had a resale market ... Time to have a rethink and get some plastic units painted up.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments. Yes I do hope to show these off on the blog after out Leipzig game, if not before when we do Dennewitz...

    Turnaround time? About a month, but it varies. The main thing is that Fons is very good at keeping you informed, and always under promises and over delivers!

  8. who gives a toss whether they are wrong, as long as they know the rules and abide by the roll of the dice. a chap cant ask much more than that from his troops. slendid unit sparker

  9. They look fine bunch of lads to me!