Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ersatz Bergepanther

I bought a box of Plastic Soldier Company 1/72nd Panthers some time ago, but only got around to finishing the pair very recently...The problem is that I already have half a dozen Dragon 1/72nd scale Panthers, which now appear quite diminutive compared to the PSC ones, I think the Dragon ones must actually be closer to 1/76th scale.

So with the 2 that come in the box, I thought maybe I'll retain the first as a company commander AFV, and make the second one up as an HQ or support company element, maybe a Light Aid Detachment sort of thing. I had a rootle around in the spares box and decided to have a go at an Ersatz Bergepanther, the sort of thing that might have been knocked up at a Divisional Workshops out of a running hull and a written off turret.

The gantry was easy to make up out of sprue, and the chains came off a Victrix British Napoleonic Artillery set - the chains that run under the 9 Pounder carriage.

Figures are AB tank riders, now doing duty as recovery mechanics - albeit heavily armed ones - maybe partisans are active in the area!

I'm not sure how it will feature in any wargame - perhaps to mark the point where the LOC leave the table, or an objective marker.


  1. Cool little project! So satisfying to customise models and what an impressive result.

  2. I knew you could paint Napoleonic figures to a high standard, but these are equally as nice. Lovely work!

  3. Thanks Lawrence - Too kind! I rate my painting by quantity not quality I'm afraid, but I did spend a bit of time on this beast...