Saturday, 19 December 2015

Baz's Berlin Brigade

My mate Barry from Adelaide has sent me some phots of his preliminary work on his British Berlin Brigade for Team Yankee...

Apparently its hotter 'n hell down there at the moment, so he has wrapped for the year, but I think you'll agree he's made a cracking start - particularly as the BAOR supplement is not expected until mid year at the earliest - not in Australia at any rate - I'm still waiting for both of my initial release preorders to come in!

He is going ultimately for 2 x 4 tank troops and 2 in an HQ plus lots more 432's. 

As you can see these are bog standard Chieftains and FV432 APCs, before the introduction of STILLBREW armour on the Chieftain and the Rarden Gun turret on the APCs.

Barry didn't say but I think these models are from QRF.

Here we can see them having a run out on the Jungfernheide training area...they seem to have endexed a lot of the trees - lots of paperwork upon return to Smuts Barracks!

As you can see Barry has totally mastered the dramatic and unique urban camouflage scheme unique to the Berlin Brigade...

Well after 22 years in the British Army's elite Royal Horse Artillery you would expect so....

Box formation - must be laager time - 'horses first, soldiers second, officers last' - then the lager!

His excellent photos have spurred me to rush out and photo what I've been working on for our inaugural Team Yankee game on the 17th Jan....

A medley of US and Soviet APCs/MICVs and some long range snipers...
These Soviet BMP-2s are from Skytrex, and have so far merely been sprayed with PSC Russian armour green.

These M113 APC are lovely plastic ones from Battlefront I had left over from the Vietnam range. I am painting these in MERDC Summer Verdant...

Also left over from the BF Vietnam range are some M109A1 155mm SPG's, again in Summer Verdant....


A fitting note to end on a blog post about a former Royal Horse Artilleryman I think!

Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt  (trans - Don't drop 'em short you c*#@!)


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    1. Thanks mate! About to get bigger - once Australia Post delivers!

  2. You haven't even heard the worst of his whinging about the weather. A lovely paint job all the same.
    Here I was thinking the Royal Artillery motto was about some Gunner who was miffed with his girlfriend called Gloria.

    1. Gloria who works in the NAAFI bar? That'd be right!

  3. A nicely spirited final sentence to sign off with my dearest Sparkles. ��

    A Merry Xmas to The Long Haired Brigadier and your worthiness self.

    von Peter himself

    1. Thanks your von ship, and a merry Christmas to all the von Peters too!

  4. Very nice, however, no problems with no Raden Turrets on 432s, however the 432 Raden Turret was introduced into Berlin before the Berlin Brigade paint scheme was introduced.

    The Skytrex BMP-2s are BRM, the early Recce variant that carried a Small Fred radar in the rear compartment.

    1. Thanks Nick, didn't know that about the Rarden turrets!

  5. The Berlin Brigade sure had a distinct and unique camouflage pattern for their vehicles. One of my favorites, but definitely a pain to paint!

    Great start on your forces as well!

    1. Thanks mate - just received a box full of M1s and Cobras so even busier now!

  6. Great post Sparker and will follow your project with keen interest mate.

  7. Thank you very much Sparker for posting these photos for me and thanks to all the nice comments. It cooled down a bit so I did some more. Hopefully will get them posted in the New Year.
    And my Regt motto was
    " What do you mean it missed !!!! It was alright when it left us ?? "

    Happy New Year and lots more to All


    1. Lol! Your latin is much better than mine@

  8. And So it begins........the arms race that is!

    mate looking forward to your modern stuff, I am planning a lot in 20mm this year!

    Happy new year mate, plan to get down to the gong for a game or two this year!


  9. Be good to see you down here mate!