Saturday, 2 April 2011

His Majesty's 30th Regiment of Foot (Cambridgeshire)

On the 28th Feb I set myself a target of painting an entire battalion of 28mm figures in a month. This may not seem a great feat, but I like to have my British Bn’s larger than my standard 1:20 figure ratio of 36 figures, so the 30th are 42 figures strong, based on 7 stands of 6 figures. I like to get the look of the ‘thin Red line’ with my British battalions. Although this phrase was actually coined in the later Crimean War, I think it epitomises the spirit and ethos I am trying to capture with these inanimate lumps of plastic on the tabletop. A feature of the Black Powder ruleset I use is that unit size is allocated in the pre game admin, rather than dependent on the actual number of figures present, so I can get away with this little foible.

I finished painting the last figure, the short Drummer, on the 31st of March, so I am quietly pleased with myself, and have celebrated with a stubby or three! It takes me half an hour to paint a figure, excluding assembly and spray painted undercoat. I have averaged about 2 figures an evening.

My Decision  to do the 30th Foot, the ‘old three tens’, was simply because I had the flags, or ‘Colours’ available, saved from an old magazine insert. However they have coincided with the publication of Carole Divall’s eminently readable ‘Redcoats against Napoleon’, a history of the 30th which I am avidly devouring.

I was surprised to learn that the proud lineage of the 30th has now fallen on the broad shoulders of the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment. Poor geographer that I am, I believe I am correct in thinking that Cambridge and Lancashire are less than adjacent. No matter, the QLR’s are a fine Regiment, as I know very well from the time I was serving with the Falklands Garrison aboard HMS Portland, and the QLR Support Coy was the Resident Infantry Company. And from the excellent battlefield tours their OC conducted, pretty historically minded to boot!

The figures are all Perry Plastics, with the exception of the afore mentioned ‘short drummer’, who is a leftover from a Victrix Peninsular Flank pack. Although the 30th were not present at Albuera, their first Peninsula battle honour being Salamanca, nevertheless they shall appear at my next planned wargame, in mid May, to commemorate the bicenntennial of that bloody affair.

For Heaven’s sake, Sar Major, will you get the men to face the front? These damn painters charge the earth...’

Sir!’ ‘TALION - EEEYESFRONTAH!’’The next man that so much as twitches in the direction of those young ladies bathing will have my bindook so far up his wossname he’ll be passing musket balls!’


  1. Good work Sparker. I know I'd be in raptures if I managed to complete one of my 24ish figure battalions in a month, let alone a 42 figure one!

    Highly commendable. Now about those Prussians and Saxons ...

    von Peter himself

  2. Nice paint jobs. I remember once being able to sustain an average of 12 25/8mm a day back in 97.

  3. Well thanks for the kind comments Gents, it all helps with the motivation to return to the painting bench!

    Now 'about those Prussians and Saxons' indeed! I'm afraid I have decided to be rational about my painting priorities in order to have as many troops for our 200th Anniversary commemorative games. So still a few Brits to go, then Russians for 1812, and then, and only then, can I return to my Prussians and Saxons in time for 2013!

  4. Lovely painting, Sparker. I like the effective block style you have. I'm not patient enough, myself!

  5. Very impressive feat to paint the regiment in one month!

    They look pretty good too :D

    Thanks for sharing. Guess I had better subscribed so I can learn more about Napoleonics.

    Happy Gaming,


  6. Very nice paint job. I wish I had the patience.....I'm strictly a 'look ok from 36" kind of painter myself.
    Lovely job, keep up the good work.

  7. They look terrific. I love the way your tops, especially the drummer, turned out. Did you prime black?

  8. Hey sparker,

    How many colour bearers do you get in a box?