Friday, 22 September 2023

Flames of War: Operation GARDEN: A Theme Too Far?


Last night the Wollongong Wargamers had a theme night, based on a certain film:

Daniel whose idea the theme was, is pictured centre-right below, behind the Bolt Action aspect of the evening, which featured the 101st Airborne fight for the Son Bridge over the Wilhelmina canal.

Daniel devised the Flames of War scenario for the breakout attack of XXX Corps, led by the Guards Armoured Division, on 17th September from the start line:

 to Valkenswaard, right over the other corner of the table:

We pooled our Sherman resources for this one! 

The scenario was based on the 'No Retreat' mission, with bonus points for the number of Sherman troops the Guards Armoured could get off the other end of the table.

Ed, pictured below, and I were the German defenders. Daniel and Darren were Michael Caine and Edward Fox for the evening!

We deployed one platoon from Fallschirmjager-Regiment-6 well forward on the edge of the woods and kept the other further back as a reserve. We had a platoon of PaK40s in ambush and 2 platoons of Panthers in deep reserve. The objective was strongly covered by a pair of 88s.

The GAD put their multitude of 25 Pounders to good use in keeping our infantry pinned.

We had lots of lovely ambush opportunities, unfortunately by dint of pre-planned arty DFs and diligent recce our opportunities to deploy the PaKs steadily narrowed.

But once the Irish Guards struck the minefield, the time was right to spring the ambush!

However, my die rolling was truly pitiful:

On the bright side, our gallant Fallschirms repelled an assault by the Guardsmen!

However by Turn 3 things were looking up - the Allied column was snarled up around the minefields and the PaKs were starting to get their aim in, and best of all, our reinforcements arrived!

Ed and I agreed on an 'Anvil Attack' approach - he with thicker armoured Late Panthers would attack the column head on in conjuction with our 2 88s...

Whilst my platoon would work its way into the deep flank and come up on the column from the flank.


Fortunately for us, the Tiffies failed to range in, and, the column in disarray and wedged by Panthers, the Allies decided to fall back, brew some tea, and call it a day.

'Panfers...Farsends of 'em...'

Over on the Bolt Action table, the gallant 101st Airborne succeeded in seizing one end of the Son Bridge, 

but were unable to eject the resolute defenders from the other end. To coin a phrase, the Allies went a bridge too far...

Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Team Yankee 1:144 - 4CMBG Hold Out - Eh!

This game actually took place at the Uni back in Feb but I didn't blog it then...but now the scars have healed - I think. I will not be discouraged in my mission to popularise 1:144 or 12mil wargames so am prepared to air my more egregious losses - enjoy!

The mission was 'No Retreat'. 

John carefully canalized my Soviet attack routes with 4 fiendishly located minefields...

I deployed as best I could having to forgo the road net! 

I was too cramped for my liking...

 - especially as John had selected Luftwaffe Tornadoes armed with cluster bombs!

He really had made the direct approach very tricky - there was a lot of dodging and weaving...

Whilst he rolled well for his reserves, my air remained firmly off table!

Despite wiping out half his Leopard 1's, his skilful all-arms approach using infantry

engineers, LRATGW and fast air to attrit my T-72s attenuated my attack to nothing by the end of move 3!

And that's it really - Team Yankee really is that fast and brutal!