Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Zastrow Kuirassiere

Eureka miniatures have recently released their excellent Zastrow Kuirassieres, and with our Borodino project in mind I just had to order a Regt, and also the Garde du Korps to Brigade them with!http://eurekamin.com.au/news.php?newsid=EFkZupkAEAJkBudeJb

Sculpted by Alan Marsh, they are beautiful models, with very little flash, but plenty of raised detail, particularly the shabraque symbols.

This regiment bears a certain amount of research, as the trumpeters were not mounted on greys, as normal, and for Borodino, for which I have painted them, they were not wearing the traditional buff coats of Saxon heavy cavalry.

For some reason this officer's pose is my favourite, I may have to get a couple more for Staff hangers on etc..

The 'at rest' troopers come in the traditional two piece configuration, with the saddle, shabraque and all the rest of the clobber attached to the trooper.

The charging troopers, however, come in one piece, which I much prefer as whatever glue I use I always seem to get most of it on my fingers, hands, indeed anything that stands still long enough...

Torn between the 'at rest' or 'charging' poses, I have plumped for a front rank of chargers and a second rank at rest. I will waffle to anyone who cares to listen that this arrangement represents a Cavalry Regiment operating in two lines, the first preparing to charge home, the second remaining in reserve to rally on. Nothing whatever with indecision - BS baffles brains, etc!

I also rather like this pose of a Trumpeter 'having at it' - not often you see them in this pose! These wonderful figures from Eureka represent my personal best from the parcel arriving to being based up - 2 weeks. Something of a tribute to the sculpter, I think...Well done to Alan and Nic at Eureka, sez I!


  1. I really should add that I downloaded the Guidon from the 'Warflag' website - thanks mate!

  2. Lovely work!

    Pre-ordered mine today (although I went for charging poses only). Do you have exact number for them for Borodino?



  3. Hi Burkhard,

    Thank you, praise indeed from a painter of your talent!
    I'm afraid I don't have the numbers for the battle itself, the closest return I can get is from Nafziger for 1 August 1812, 4 Squadrons of 36 Officers and 639 troopers.

  4. lovely mate, really lovely


  5. No really they are paintjobs. Yellow is not easy to paint and you did a splendid job there!

    BTW got some info on strength yesterday from another source... Seems they were roughly 400 strong at Borodino.

  6. These are really wonderful looking troops. Great painting.

  7. Very nice and dynamic miniatures. I also like your choice of colors. They're quite close to the illustrations that I know.

    I think swords and equipment is slighlty out off scale, but they give me the right vibes and that's what really matters to me.

    1. Thanks mate. I know what you mean about the weapons being slightly over scale, but I think in this case that really gives the figure 'prescence'. The key to good sculpting perhaps? Peter Fitzgerald does the same with his wonderful Calpe figures, I think, and it really makes them come alive.

  8. Just discovered your blog. Very impressive and inspiring stuff!

  9. Well thank you all very much gentlemen!

  10. Good work Spark, you have done a sterling job with these fine little fellows, I really think my display cabinet could do with a few of those (not gaming the figures/period shouldn't never stand in the way of getting some).