Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Highland Gathering

Yesterday the village of Bundanoon, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, was transformed into Brigadoon, for the annual Gathering of the Clans.  All comers could compete in manly sporting pursuits such as caber tossing and running the stones of manhood, or hay bale throwing.

There were massed Pipe Bands, fiddlers, and the celtic rock/folk band Highlander. There were dogs displays, cattle shows, and good Scottish fare to eat - theres nothing like a Haggis roll for brekkie!

The stones of manhood - this wee lassie had what it takes!

Now thats all very well, Sparker, ye sassenach ijit ye, I hear you cry, but what has all this Highland merriment got to do with the honest art of Wargaming?

Well, the initial draw for me was the vaunted 'Battle of Brigadoon', hosted by the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders reenactment group. Unfortunately, owing to a hair crisis (not mine, I'm as bald as a coot) we didn't arrive until the closing stages of the skirmish, and on the other side of the arena to boot. However parking up and unpacking was given an added frisson of excitement by hearing the

regular discharge of black powder muskets. But your humble correspondent has, I hope, made amends by spending a lot of time in the 93rd's Camp area, and gleaning pearls of wisdom about uniform and accoutrement details from the group, particularly from my new mate Gavin, who heads up the 21eme Regiment de Ligne Reenactment Group.... 
So without further ado, and with no concessions to consideration of an interesting and varied page layout (are there ever?), please see below some photos you may find interesting:
Note leather padding behind chinscales

Scotch bonnet! Grenadier Coy, 93rd
93rd Highlander in camp dress, NSW Corps of Marines SD
Half cocked Brown Bess


The group's eagle and colour - presented by the French Consul

Note single red Long Service Stripe - 5 year's undiscovered crime...

Note the 2 yellow Caporal's Galons

Regimental mascot of the 93rd - unfortunately too busy for interview...


  1. Big day's important to have your hair right for such occasions though Ralph ;-)

  2. Lovely set of photos Sparker.

  3. Excellent 'stuff' Mr Sparkles. I now look forward to a series of posts from the perspective of a newly conscripted member of the 21eme Regiment de Ligne.

    von Peter himself

  4. Very nice photos, seems to be a great place!

  5. Thank you all. Yes Bundanoon, indeed the entire Southern Highlands are lovely.

    I did discuss the potential of signing on with the 21eme with Mrs Sparker and she very reasonably pointed out that the not inconsiderable costs of kitting up would have to come out of my wargaming budget...which is barely adequate to cover current and future wargaming I think I will continue to cheer from the sidelines....

  6. Ah those reasonable women and those limited wargaming budgets. What's a man to do?! 8O)

    Then again - not joining the 21eme Regiment de Ligne in the 200th anniversary year of 1813,with 2014/1814 just around the corner, is probably not such a bad move! 8O))

    von Peter himself