Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Maurice - Kolin Revisited!


This Sunday at the Uni, the Guild of Gamers held a refight of our recent Kolin game of the Seven Years War...

Whilst Gary's had been very well balanced, he still wasn't entirely happy with it...

And the Prussians were still sore about the Austrian's cheezy use of a swamp 'that's not on the map' - us God fearing and upright Lutherans would never stoop to such low tactics....

So here is Peter's presentation on how the Austrian's so nearly won again:


  1. I thought the swamps was a once in a game card (removed from the stack after use)


  2. Hi Alex, there is an option to remove the 'That's not on the Map' card after use. I guess the Austrians felt they might want to use it too...

  3. My dearest Sparkles

    A much better result than the actual battle ... though I may be a little biased. 8O)

    Keep up the good work!

    von Peter himself

  4. Cool battle, but yeah, I think that swamp gambit shows up a bit too often, least judging by this AAR. Close fight though.

  5. I like the story board presentation - a ton of effort to do, but a good read, thanks.

  6. All in all very nice.........I did notice that the Sydney Morning Herald's photographer was using a hot air balloon this time, could we not get him just a bit closer to the action??