Monday, 23 November 2015


Well Sam Mustafa's latest ruleset, Aurelian, will soon be out, in the New Year, and the first place to look for details will be here:

In the meantime, why not tune into Sam's latest podcast about this ruleset:

Now whilst I wasn't involved in the playtesting like I was with Blucher, since I know even less about the Ancient World than anything else, a couple of mates at the Uni club were involved, so I kind of picked up on their increasing excitement about the rules...

Accordingly, my mate Caesar will soon be organising an introductory game, which I hope to blog for your entertainment and education (photo quality permitting, as always!)

In the meantime, these promo shots give you some idea of the production standards involved, which will come as no surprise to those who already play Sam's games. 

What I think I will find particularly attractive about Aurelian is that by concentrating on a relatively narrow vector of time, you can be sure that Sam will have paid close attention to period flavour, so that not only will the game be entertaining - there's also a good chance that I will pick up some authentic insight into that troubled period!

Vae Victis!


  1. It does look great, I've read some of the sample chapters on his website.

  2. Thanks for the short write-up, Sparker. At first I wasn't really into these rulkes or its setting, but I am more and more interested.


  3. Thanks gents! I think Sam is onto a winner here - one to watch I think...