Friday, 28 October 2016

BBDBA Agincourt


After Sunday's great game using Hail Caesar rules blogged previously, I was able to continue the Agincourt theme this Thursday, 601 years and 4 days after that epic battle...

This time Peter organised the game, using BBDBA rules. I've played these a few times as followers of my blog will know, and flow so naturally that I don't even own a copy of the rules but am able to keep up, plus ou moins...

The other major difference to Sunday was that we would be using 15mm figures, from a variety of collections and manufacturers - I heard Peter Pig mentioned, as well as Essex...

The English Goddams - L-R Daniel, who first game with BBDBA this was, but again picked things up quick smart, commanding the Vanguard, Caesar as Henry V with the main Battle, and David, commanding the rearguard.

The equipe Francais above on the left, Geoff nearest the camera took the right wing of the first Battle and after battle, whilst Alan in the natty cardigan took the left wing. When not snapping photos I was sitting betwixt the twain with the centre main and after guard. An odd command arrangement, but it seemed to work - at least better than the nonexistent French arrangements on the actual day! Peter is sitting judicially at the head of the table as befits the game organiser!

Any scenario of what, with hindsight, is a one sided historical battle has to be a balancing act between the historical setting, and a playable game.

Whereas on Sunday I inflicted a historical setting on the French players, which they nonetheless turned into an exciting game, Peter emphasised balance and playability in his scenario...

Hence no forces were allowed into the woods on either side, and the slowing and disordering effects of the mud only came into force 8 cm, 2 basewidths, in front of the English, accentuated somewhat for the last 4 cm, or basewidth, before contact.

A few French units were rated as excellent troops, and most of the English were too - as a DBA novice I let the precise detail escape me, but Alan wanted to know more, and asked about each specific unit, until it turned out all the English troops were! Mon Dieu! BTW, if you want to read a DBA compatible account of this game, do check out Alan's terrific blog post here: The Stronghold Rebuilt - Agincourt

Nothing daunted, Monsiegneur de Geoffrois gallantly bashed on over on the right wing - rather successfully...

Alain Le Sire de Staines similarly led off on the gauche and I sort of milled around in the centre - utterly historically, there was insufficient room to deploy properly, so I had to split my commands up to be able to both get to grips with the English nether regions, and prevent both my wingmen from being flanked...

However it was impossible to keep up with Geoff, who was taking out Archers like there was no tomorrow, despite a series of torrid command rolls - he certainly earned man of the match for this one!

I had to leave early so Peter took over my command, but it was pretty much jeu fini with Geoff's men at arms careering all round the English flank...

A thrilling and enjoying game, which go to show that a historical game inspired by an iconic battle need not be predictable - Thanks Peter, more BBDBA soon si il vout plait!


  1. "Superbe bataille une nouvelle fois!"

  2. The figures are excellent! Great paint jobs and great looking terrain. Really well done.

  3. Great photos, figures and terrain of what looks to be an excellent game.

  4. Outstanding figures and terrain. Very jealous!