Saturday, 13 February 2021

Black Powder: Small scale Peninsula action


Despite my new found enthusiasm for Lasalle second edition for club games, Black Powder remain my ruleset of choice, particularly for solo game where my poor brain has to run both sides!

Today's solo scenario was a hastily thrown together attack-defence game set in the Peninsula - an Anglo-Portuguese rear guard division of two brigades is holding a pass between two hills. The French Corps of 2 Divisions have to break throw in 8 moves to continue the pursuit. My ulterior motive, is to see if you can have medium sized 28mm Naps game on a 6 x 4 without it looking too cramped. Not that Napoleonic battlefields were wide open spaces!

So the Portuguese and British duly occupy reverse slope positions...

And the French come on in column.

Disciplined volleys of allied firepower, assisted by Cacadores and Rifles on the flanks, pour it on!

The columns stagger and recoil...

Then the second wave come on, keeping the pressure on.

It would help the French cause if the second division could get into the game...

The second wave of assaults force the line back

And finally the second French division pitches in - the lead brigade will contain the Allied left flank, the second brigade, still in march column, prepares to pour through any gap that is created...

En avant mes enfants!

The French columns make one last effort...

And break through! A rare French victory of column over allied line...All in glorious 28mm and plenty enough thrills and spills on a 6 x 4 table!


  1. What a gorgeous visual to enjoy my morning coffee with, also hugely appreciate a post that combines 28mm with a 6' x 4'

    1. Thanks Norm - glad to provide some eye candy and recieve some validation that 28mm on a smaller table works!

  2. Agree with Norm. Nothing like some Napoleonic Peninsular inspiration in the morning! Beautiful game and table and always nice to see the French carve out a victory against British and Portuguese muskets (it rarely happens on my table!)

  3. Great pile on I must say Bravo to the lads in blue a rare occurrence!

    French Wargame Holidays

    1. Thanks Matt! Yes Les Bleus did very well, and for once had plenty of inf and cav reserves on hand to pour through...

  4. Sparker,
    I had to laugh at the title "Small Scale" when I saw the amount of figures on the table. Great job.

  5. Beaut as ever Ralph. (Yes, I too took your small scale as a bit tongue-in-cheek, while true in terms of what you do on a 'grander' scale!). Obviously a sturdy table with that weight of white metal near the edge in the first photo!
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks James! Fortunately most of my 28mm is plastic these days!