Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Bolt Action Tank War: Roadbound

As my second lock-down solo game I wanted to test a scenario reflecting the common German Ostfront late war defensive tactic of flooding large areas, thus channeling the Soviet advance to roads and high ground.

Its a challenge to set a balanced scenario whilst reflecting the huge offensive-defensive imbalance on the Eastern Front in '44-45.

The Germans had approx 1500 points, with a Tiger II, PaK 40, 

and Luftwaffe Flak 36 involuntarily serving in the ground defence role.

The handful of German infantry was mechanized and liberally provided with Panzerfausts.

The Red Army attackers, with 3 x IS2s and 6 x T-34-85s, all inexperienced, and having outdistanced their Motor Rifles, had approx 1900 points.

The catch was, all movement was largely confined to the road and track network, which obviously channelled the Red Army advance...

Whereas the defenders had enough time to position their fields of fire from covered positions.

And allowed the infantry to infiltrate forward within Panzerschreck range...

They say a short game is a quick one - well then this one was excellent! With the IS2s struggling to get into the game through the flooded fields, the T34s sped forward on their own - right into the German kill sack!

I suspect I need to revisit this scenario once I have some Soviet dismounts and artillery painted up!


  1. Lovely models! Looking forward to seeing more on table.


  2. Great looking table- love the models. Thoroughly enjoyed the BATREP.

  3. Did you at least give the Soviets a nice prep bombardment to lead the way? Sounds like otherwise those poor reds will never make any headway in that type scenario.

    Tanks and figs look fab tho, enjoyed this post very much sir!

    1. Ooops! No I didn't! Definately going to have to revisit with the Sovs as Regular and with said bombardment - the game might last a little longer that way!

  4. Lovely looking models and figures Ralph. That camouflage is brilliant. The 'special effects' in the game are beaut too!
    Regards, James

  5. excellent Sparker all round where did you get those hit and the smoking hit counters?

  6. Thanks Peter! The smoke and flames markers are from Litko in the US.