Sunday, 21 November 2021

Bolt Action: Stalingrad



  1. Nice one Sparker, great looking tables mate.


  2. Another great report and pics from the War Correspondent... Had me in stitches! 🤣

    But to be fair, we got lucky with the infantry flamers which stole the limelight from our poorly performing big guns. 3 pioneer flamethrowers in a 4000 point Stalingrad force isn't stetching plausibility too far is it? Oh yeah, and the Flammenpanzer (superb model).

    Despite our BBQ successes, I consider the Soviet armoured assault to have been the most decisive of the day, aggressively launched down the flank and road at the German HQ. We Jerries got nowhere near the Volga river Soviet HQ. The game was suitably brutal, looked terrific and was a lot of fun though.

    Watch this space for the next multiplayer extravaganza using a streamlined activation sequence and historical command hierarchy...

  3. Thanks Caesar for your comment and entirely convincing rebuttal! Yes I probably overdid it but was trying to render that thing were troops always see double of what they are most scared of! And we were very lucky with a devastating artillery strike which eased the Soviet armoured assault's path considerably!

  4. And in the interests of balance, I should probably admit that I omitted a photo of another Soviet table groaning with infantry...