Sunday 19 May 2024

Achtung Panzer! Armoured Clash

For this Sunday's Solo game I tried Achtung Panzer! for the first time. Its important to me that a game can be played solo as well as socially.

My expectation of these rules is that they are something of a cross between What a Tanker! and Bolt Action Tank Wars - the player command level pitched somewhere between the individual crewmen and the troop/platoon commander. 

As this was my first game I chose a straightforward mission and, as recommended for newbies, skipped the Event and Asset Cards, and the Tank Aces special abilities. As it was, to balance my (only just, hurried undercoats!) available two Panthers and two Comets at 48 points, the Panther crews were fresh out of training!

Setting the game in the Reichswald in early 1945, there was lots of ambush terrain around...

Which would prove a challenge for the 'green' Panther drivers, at least until I cottoned on to the trick of 'brassing up' ambush terrain to clear it and so drive confidently though it!

Even the 'trained' Comet drivers, from the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, stalled and stuck on occasion - its really not worth scrimping on your driver's stars!

However eventually the two enemy platoons 'bumped' each other...

The lead Comet driver managed to skilfully close up to the edge of the light woods and get into a firing position...

With the Tank Commander 'unbuttoned', with a successful skill check he was able to convert a 'spot' into an 'aim'!

Whilst he was taking his time, the Panther crew rushed off a shot without taking the trouble to aim - a miss!

The Comet calmly took his shot - which whinged off into the bush having struck the hull down cover!

The respective platoons regrouped, reloaded and acquired once again. Two hits on Panther 'D' resulted in turret and running gear damage - any more damage and she was a wreck! Time to pull back to the next fall back!

So what did I think? Well the game certainly plays just fine as a solo effort - a little bit of jiggery pokery is required with the initiative tokens but as this was a late war game most radio checks were passed anyway. Once I got a feel for the rules I was getting through the moves reasonably swiftly and spending more time on fighting the tanks than in looking things up, always a good sign! At this early stage I was engrossed in the crew and tank commander level decision making rather than thinking about platoon tactics but I think this will come. I look forward to many more games - maybe even some with like minded friends!


  1. Nice solo experience. I have played two games, each against a friend ea h playing for the first time. The rules are a little fiddley but that may just be me. I agree lots of solo Plat isin the set. The early years might be even more fun?

    1. Thanks for your comment mate. I know what you mean about the rules but but I think the essential core is logical and smart and will lead to great games once we are more familiar with them. As they have to cover so many different aspects I've found the QRS isn't much help! I'm not really into early war but agree that with less lethality games might be more interesting...