Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My introductory podcast....

Hi everyone....well it had to happen! I love the sound of my own voice, and now I can share it with my beloved blog followers - poor devils!


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    1. Thanks David - good point I shall try to do better next time!

    2. Yes, please mate, I'm a little bit deaf thanks to 30 years of firing big shells in the Artillery and blowing up and shooting stuff in the Combat Engineers so I had to give up listening after only a few minutes and that's a shame cause it sounded very interesting.



    3. Well thanks for having an attempt Fons - I think I've fixed up the wiggly amps now!

  2. Just finished listening to your podcast & enjoyed it very much. Keen to hear another.
    Interested to also hear that you have moved into 28mm hard plastics.
    I'm generally not a fan of 28mm figures for large scale wargames. Most games I have seen with 28mm minis look like a crowd at a rock festival. But the photos on your blog posts have changed my opinion on how impressive 28mm minis can be when given enough table space. Having said that I use 28mm minis for skirmish games.
    Agree with your assessment on Bernard Cornwell's novels, always a great read.

    I read here http://www.comingsoon.net/movie/agincourt that Mr Cornwell's Azincourt is to be made into a movie! If the movie is half as good as the book it should be great viewing. On a related note, Mr Cornwell's Saxon Stories (Uhtred) is to be made into a "Game of Thrones" style series.
    Read here http://www.ew.com/article/2014/07/09/bbc-america-last-kingdom-bernard-cornwell

    Thanks for the podcast. Looking forward to the next.


    1. Thanks Grant, very encouraging feedback. Thanks for sharing the good news about BC's novels, very exciting!

  3. I just listened to your podcast whilst painting and enjoyed it - thanks.
    Having worked for a number of years in a book shop in the UK, I totally agree with you about the bemusing taxes that the Australian government puts on books. Now that I'm living back in Oz most of my books are purchased from The Book Depository too.

    I hope you are able to make some more podcasts.


  4. Great idea! Agree could be a bit louder. In New Zealand I've also used Book Depository, though I'm now getting kindle books whenever I can, as cheap, quick and less clutter. Anyway thanks and I look forward to more!

    1. Thanks Mate! Yes ebooks would be the answer but I'm old school and prefer parchment!

  5. Dearest Sparkles

    Listened to it twice - check
    Likes Calpe & Front Rank figures - check.
    A fellow Book Depository customer - check.
    Painting while listening to your prose - not checked! But to be fair this was my fault. ��
    Podcast needs to be louder - check.
    Pretty darn good presentation with a distinct lack "ums", "ahs" etc and well paced delivery - check.
    In general you're a wargamer after my wargaming heart - check.
    Need to hear more episodes - big CHECK.
    Will pass on the podcast to others - check.

    It would be convenient to get the podcast via iTunes but I have a feeling that this may not be likely.

    von Peter himself

    1. Hi your vonship, thanks for the positive feedback! I think I've fixed the volume issue, and will investigate iTunes. Definitely encouraged to make another episode!

  6. Cheers for the podcast, Im looking forward to hearing more. Ive just painted up some 6mm French for Blucher while listening!

    Happy days!

    1. Thanks Yorkie glad you enjoyed it! At this rate there will definitely be more down the line! 6mil for Blucher? Sounds very sensible, I bet they look good en masse!

  7. Yeah, they look good I reckon, ill post an update to my blog soon ish.... The French are proving challenging to paint at this scale!

  8. Just listened to lastest podcasts while assembling figures (6mm sci fi in this case, a change from 28mm Napoleonics!). Very good! Really enjoyed both the latest two episodes. One thing I'd ask for though is a better link system on your side bar, or at top, so I can find them more easily rather than having to scroll through many posts -thanks!