Monday, 15 August 2022

Lasalle Day at the Uni

On Sunday a dozen Napoleonic wargamers congregated at the Uni for a day of Lasalle 2 gaming. We had set up 7 tables, with a variety of themes.

The whole idea was David's brain child (pictured above centre) who organised  it all. 
It was gratifying to have attendees from Canberra and Sydney as well as the wider Illawarra district make the effort to come in.

David, standing, was one of the original playtesters and was on hand throughout the day to offer advice and clear up rules questions. Peter, left, was also a playtester, and ran a Austro-Hungarian army. His opponent in the first game, Brett, was fielding a lovely Franco-Wurttemburg army.

John, left, brought a French army, facing off against Caesar's Russians. In the background Bryan, French, confers with Daniel, Spanish, over their army lists.

Caesar was yet another Lasalle II playtester. 

Darren's British, pictured left, faced off against Tony's Spanish army.

My first game, on a Peninsula themed table I'd provided, saw my French against Stuart's British.

Bryan, left, brought some lovely 3d printed French, who were pitted against Daniel's Spaniards...

His Spanish army did well this day, winning both games!

With our 'Peninsula' game, Stuart deployed his Brits entirely historically, but I confess the thought of pitching French columns against the firepower of British lines did not attract me, so I tried an 'Ordre Mixte' of line and column...

It didn't really make much difference on  my right flank, where Stuart eventually destroyed my Veteran Infantry Brigade...

Whereas on my left flank, I had more joy with my columns, all but destroying one of his Brigades for a drawn game.

After a break for lunch the second round of games started. Stuart's Brits found themselves transported to a wintery Eastern Europe where they faced Daniel's Spanish.

Caesar's Russians faced Bryan's French...

And the Peninsula table saw John's French facing Tony's Brits - my arvo game finished early (more below) so I was able to witness the closing stages of this marathon hard fought game - lots of dashing charges, finishing with the Mounted Grenadiers of the Guard attempting to break a British square. They didn't!

My afternoon game was against Brett's beautiful Franco-Wurttemburgers.

The centre of the table was constricted with all manner of difficult terrain, so I opted to hold my centre with my artillery Bde and Light Cav Bde, sending my two infantry Bdes around each flank...

The flank attacks went reasonably well, but Brett eviscerated my centre in short order until my army was on the verge of breaking, at which point he graciously awarded me the honours of war!

The feedback has rightfully praised David for a well organised day of play, with exciting games played with gracious opponents using some lovely toy armies. More please!


  1. That certainly looks like a great days gaming and fun was had by one and all.

  2. Lovely sized tables (for me) and plenty of variety within the Napoleonic setting. A good ‘quality time’ meet-up. You make me want to press the button on LaSalle, but I have enough in the rule queue, but they are tempting.

    1. Thanks Norm, very kind. Well, I heartily recommend Lasalle!