Monday 17 June 2024

Flames of War: The Battle for Lingevres 14 June 1944

80 years ago, in 1944:

“On the morning of the 14th June, we were set to attack the village of Lingevres. As I recall, we started to move forward, with ‘A’ company to our left, and ‘B’ company to our right. We passed through the centre, over the road, and entered a large cornfield. The men were well spread out, with rifles at port position, as we waded waist high through the corn. We would be about five hundred yards up the triangular shaped field, and were advancing towards the apex when all hell was let loose: withering spandau fire (light machine guns), snipers, and mortars caught us in the cross fire. Men were falling left, right, and centre…The lads were still advancing, past the bodies lying everywhere. Later, we learned the 9th Battalion had suffered casualties of 226 men and 22 officers in only about an hour and a half.”

Sergeant Charles Eagles, 9th DLI

The British had six turns to take one of three objectives: the village, or the woods beyond:

With only a single Pz Grenadier platoon, deploying all round defence was a challenge, given deployment has to be in command. With beefed up PanzerSchrecks, at least all both roads were covered against tanks:

The Northumbrians advanced using covered approaches:

The Dragoon Guards were well spread out - perhaps too well?

The German reserves arrived at the earliest opportunity:

It was now the Dragoon Guards' turn to dash for cover, slowing the advance...

But the cover did little good...

 - two Fireflies lost in a single engagement!

The Faithful Durhams led the way with two platoons assaulting the northern half of the village and the Pz Grenadier survivors breaking off to the southern half:

Encouraged, the armour closed up in support:

Reinforcements in the various forms of Royal Artillery were slowly making their way up:

But against the rampaging Panthers more time would be needed to regroup from their foothold in the northern half of the village. Game over with a convincing German victory!


  1. Another beautiful game there Sparker, you chaps really do put on a good show for us to behold! Shame the Brits couldn't get a win:(.

    1. Thanks Steve! Yes just too little firepower against Panthers. If I play this again I think I'll give the Brits double points...