Friday 21 June 2024

Flames of War: Fury of the Tigers - Point 213

Following on from last week's Achtung Panzer game set in the heart of Villers Bocage, this week the saga continued on a much larger canvas with Daniel's 12mil scenario, linking the carnage in Villers with that at Point 213:

The players: L-R Stuart, Darren, Peter M and our game organiser, Daniel.

7th Armoured Division starts off completely unprepared, mainly in leaguer around Point 213 whilst the Ruperts are briefing...Point 213 is the Primary Objective.

Most of the Rifle Brigade lads, officers absent, are queuing at the NAAFI wagon...

Villers Bocage is a Secondary objective:

The Germans get first turn and Wittmann sends off two Tigers to seize Point 213:

However, alerted by long range incoming, A Squadron quickly swallow their tea and mount up...

Must have been good Ceylon tea instead of the usual sweeping off the factory floor as the first round hits and penetrates!

But the surviving Tiger is swift to bite back!

Meanwhile Wittmann himself has lead the remainder of his company along side tracks towards Villers... 

Hoping to catch the 4CLY napping...

They did manage to activate just in the nick of time...

And managed to knock out two of his Tigers!

The attack on Point 213 hadn't gone so well either! 

By this time it was Turn 6, and with burning Tigers, as well as Shermans littering the landscape and no Tigers anywhere near either Point 213 or Villers we called it a minor British victory.

But we were having so much fun we swapped sides and started a second game, and this time I joined in on the British side. Well that doomed them!

The Germans were much more focussed on Point 213 this time around - Panzer Marsch!

Withholding their fire until the last minute, 4CLY completely failed to activate so the Tigers had an easy run into the objective...

Whilst Wittman singlehandedly advanced on Villers...

With only 6 turns he didn't have time to recreate historical havoc...

But contesting both objectives, this time it was a minor German victory!

Thanks again to Daniel for a scenario that really exploited the sweeping action possible with 1:144th scale minis!


  1. Well done, you have laid on a truly fitting 80 year commemoration over the last fortnight. Specky table!

    1. Thanks so much Caesar. A great scenario from Daniel!

  2. Another inspirational game there Sparker:)! Being an advocated for 10mm games, I wholeheartedly agree about 1/144th allowing for the feel of a big battle. For the Western Desert I would drop down to 6mm, having seen it work so well in that 'scale'.

    1. Thanks Steve. Funnily enough we were having a discussion about 6mm after the game...for me, 1/144th seems to be the smallest scale at which infantry figures can be properly distinguished. Maybe not a big issue for the Western Desert I concede!